Welcome to the Magyar Nemzeti Bank’s Balance of Payments Data Collection System website

These pages provide key information on the new balance of payments data collection system entered into force on January 1st 2008. As one of the most important changes, no transaction codes are required from that date, i.e. the economic entities will no longer be required to their report to the credit institutions on settlement’s transaction codes. They are, however, still have a reporting obligation: the economic entities are required to provide information on all transactions and assets and liabilities vis-á-vis non-residents directly to the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (related to data of 2008  in accordance with MNB Decree 3/2007. (II. 21.), related to data of 2009 in accordance with MNB Decree 13/2008. (XI. 18), related to data of 2010 in accordance with MNB Decree 32/2009. (XII.1.), related to data of 2011 in accordance MNB Decree 19/2010. (XII.10.)), related to data of 2012 in accordance MNB Decree 14/2011. (X.13.), related to data of 2013 in accordance MNB Decree 20/2012. (X. 15.) on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

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